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Brilliant but lazy.
United States
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Personal Quote: Choose your own path, don't let others choose for you.
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Ah, it's been awhile since I wrote a journal. And in that time, much has happened.

To begin, I've done much, much work on the overall project of The Dragon and the Sword, as well as its sequels and prequels. Little of it, however, had to do with Hunters.

Ah, Zensier. I've done much work on this little werewolf story. I'm fleshing out the characters, and strengthening the plot.

I finally have a name for the protagonist of Okami Kenshi; Maiku. So, his name would be Ukemi Maiku, or Maiku Okemi, depending on whether or not you want it oriental.

ERA has a lot more to it now, as well. I'm considering expanding the range of it in latter books to make it more similar to sci fi like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Mass Effect.

I've decided on making a new comic called "The Rogue Paladin," whose title character is named Aeon of Eir. It's going to be a little comedy series with some references to video games and character classes. However, there's a deep, darker story underneath the light atmosphere.

And finally, in anticipation of the upcoming Guild Wars 2, I will be making a comic with the characters I will create. There'll be references to the original Guild Wars, and it will be as accurate to the game as I can make it.

.......TVTropes is very distracting.




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Thankee for the point.

Enjoy the llama! ^_^
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thanks for the fav!
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Also this
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NeutralOmen Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
Well, they actually are neither satire NOR parody, so I beg your pardon. A lot of people who simply leech off of recognizability of licensed characters in order to gain popularity CLAIM to be "parodists," but something is only a parody when it falls under the fair use parody criteria in copyright law. A true parody needs to provide some sort of social commentary or mockery of the source material, and the mockery needs to be RELEVANT to the source material. Using licensed characters in unfunny jokes unrelated to the source material is called "unauthorized derivative work."
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THIS is Iceland, see? It should have been Greenland!

...wait, was I having that argument with you?
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Because I'm fat, I'm fat, I'm really really FAT!
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